Compliance Associate

Compliance Associates process emergency calls and facilitate response management for clients in a variety of industries. The Compliance Associate (CA) position at Spill Center is a full-time, entry-level position. Scheduled weekend on-call is required. Spill Center is a 24 hour office and all shifts are available.

Paid training is completed weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00p.m.

CAs come from a variety of backgrounds, and many have gone on to complete graduate degrees in Business, Environmental Policy and Law.


Spill Center Associates have three primary responsibilities.

  • Operations: CAs must master a proprietary emergency response and incident management system. You’ll be speaking one-on-one with clients, processing calls, identifying response resources, and completing intake forms for stakeholders around the world.
  • Database Maintenance: Spill Center has developed extensive databases containing information about state and local regulations, reporting policies, and incident response resources to serve our clients.
  • Research: As a CA, you’ll be the one responsible for the research required to maintain and expand these databases.

Preferred Skills

  • Ability to speak and communicate clearly
  • Ability to follow directions precisely
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite
  • Database research/navigation


Education: Bachelor’s Degree


Equivalent experience in Marketing, Telesales, Account Management, Response Management or the following industries: Environmental, Insurance, Compliance, or Call Center.

Qualities of an Ideal Candidate

An ideal CA is motivated, energetic, detail-oriented, and has a collaborative mindset.

Spill Center is a small, efficient, and agile company. We value individuals with a strong sense of responsibility, and who thrive on a team. Individual initiative is appreciated and rewarded, and many successful associates are given the opportunities to pursue individual projects related to their interests.

Although great CAs can come from any background, candidates with training in environmental science, insurance, policy, and computer science are strongly considered.

Due to safety considerations arising from COVID-19, this position is currently completely remote. Candidates will be expected to be on-site when this changes.

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