Research Associate

Title: Research Associate

We are seeking a Research Associate who is PASSIONATE about our mission — more on that below — who loves communicating with people, has a positive attitude, and who wants to make a difference in people's lives through their work, results, and presence.

Our mission is to promote and achieve maximum individual liberty and freedom.

  • We believe that guns are awesome, constitutionally-protected, and that there are WAY too many laws on the books.
  • We think that over-criminalization is a HUGE problem.
  • We think that natural rights are more important than the government's public safety interests.
  • We are completely purpose-driven.
  • And we think that advocacy should be impactful, honest, and fun.

If you like human rights, think guns are awesome, and want to promote maximal individual liberty, work hard, innovate, have fun, and make people happy - this might be the right Team and mission fit for you!

>> If this all sounds awesome and you **really, really** want to be considered for this mission, it's important that you read all of this and follow the application requirements in "How to apply and be considered," below. (We will only consider applicants who REALLY WANT to help us win, and that means being able to understand and follow directions.)

What we're looking for:

We're looking for a friendly, productive, positive, team and mission-focused team member with excellent communication skills to help us expand our Legal Center's research and legal action programs. Successful candidates will have a demonstrated track record in this kind of role, relevant experience, a strong work ethic, and most importantly, a genuine love for our Mission, our FPC Team Family, and our People!

The position would involve aiding in research for white papers, public-facing policy materials, amicus work, other scholarly work, and litigation.

What you'll be doing:

  • Communicating with people internally and externally using technology
  • Researching laws, policies, and American history
  • Writing drafts of documents and public-facing content
  • Tracking information and reporting on important metrics
  • Helping other team members
  • Administrative duties & tasks
  • Other duties & tasks as assigned

What you'll need to bring to the table:

Bottom line: The right candidate will be 100% in alignment with our mission, want to be a member of our family, love people, have core competencies related to our mission, have a track record of success, and WANT to win and be successful as a team. In addition to the job requirements below, candidates must be able to legally acquire and possess firearms, including handguns, and must be comfortable and safe around firearms and shooting ranges. If you don't like guns, or can't legally be around them, then we are not a good fit.

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You must be authorized to work in the United States
  • You must want to win and be a part of our Team's success
  • You must have a strong work ethic
  • You must be trustworthy, organized, reliable, and want to work hard for our Team and mission
  • You must love people and want to make people feel good about their interactions with you
  • You must be an excellent and passionate communicator
  • You must be able to read, write, and speak fluent English. Spanish and French, in addition, are a value-add.
  • You must be willing to say, "I don't know, but I'll find out and get back with you," ask people for help, and take initiative to find answers
  • You must be able to learn quickly, pick up on core concepts, adapt, and stay productive
  • You must have a valid driver's license with no more than 1 chargeable moving violation or accidents within the last 3 years and provide proof of same
  • You must have a reliable vehicle and proof of insurance
  • You must have more than an average knowledge of computers.
  • You must have a working knowledge of common business software (i.e., Google Suite / Gmail, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, Adobe Acrobat, etc.)

A degree in a relevant major from of college or university is welcomed but not required. We want the best and most mission-focused people on our team, not merely people with a cool-looking resume.

More about the position:

We are looking for someone who can assist us full time at our downtown Orlando, FL office. Occasional remote work is possible, but the primary location is Orlando FL. The position will be open October 1, but the job posting will remain open until the position is filled.

This Team position would report to related Team Objective leaders and one coach-supervisor. That said, being successful will most certainly require interacting with many others and supporting everyone on the Team Family.

Who we are:

Firearms Policy Coalition is a team of passionate advocates who love to fight for freedom, the Constitution, the People, and individual liberty. Our members and supporters are awesome, informed, and passionate about their rights and freedom, too. We love our people! While we cover a lot of ground, we especially focus on rights protected under the First Amendment (free speech, etc.), Second Amendment (right to keep and bear arms), and other important related issues. Our team members, attorneys, experts, and volunteers work to defense rights and advance individual liberty through litigation, legal action, direct advocacy, grassroots, research, education, outreach, and other efforts. We are fiercely non-partisan - every political party loves and hates us for different reasons at different times. Our philosophy and core values - which might be generally described as libertarian in nature - drives and forms the basis of all of our work. Successful candidates must have an appreciation and respect for our mission, culture, and members and supporters - including an absolute commitment to privacy and confidentiality.

How to apply and be considered:

Submit applications following these instructions. All applications must:

1) Tell us why you want to join FPC's Team Family, why our Mission matters to you, and why you think you would make our team even stronger.

2) Attach relevant writing and work samples that clearly show how your experience and skills directly relate to our mission and objectives.

3) Attach your current resume, compensation requirements, and at least 3 (each) professional and personal references.

Role: Research Associate (Full Time)

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Recruitment agencies: We do not accept unsolicited agency resumes; we aren't responsible for any fees related to unsolicited resumes.

Job Types: Full-time