Prop Trading - Stocks, Options, Futures

Trade on our NY trading floor or remotely from anywhere. This opportunity is for legal U.S. Residents only.

Net Profit Split: Trader = 95%. T3 = 5%

Stocks & ETF’s - Buying Power Leverage: 30:1 Intraday and 6:1 Overnight.
For example, if you deposit $20,000 to your trading account, you would receive $600,000 in intraday buying power and $120,000 for overnight positions.

No license is needed to open a prop futures trading account, or a retail customer trading account with us.

To become a proprietary trader to trade stock, ETF, and options, previous trading experience and licenses are preferred, but not required.

We will sponsor you to take the SIE and Series 57 exams, and even mail you study materials from STC – on us!

Free membership to our Virtual Trading Floor. This is an invaluable tool for remote traders of all levels.Watch, listen and chat live with a few of our top traders while they trade their live prop accounts daily. See their real-money positions and listen to their thought process throughout the trading day. Be part of a community of remote traders through our chat rooms. Chat with hundreds of other professional traders within T3 and beyond. ($3,990/year for non-T3 traders).

Minimum Account Deposits:
Stocks & ETF’s = $5,000
Futures = $10,000
Options = $20,000

Integra Capital is a division of T3 Trading Group. T3 Trading Group is a member of FINRA / SIPC, and is one of the largest proprietary broker-dealers in the U.S. with approx. 500 prop traders.

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